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Most garden centres in Canada use USDA hardiness ratings to determine the status of plants sold by retail outlets. The reason for doing so is that trees and shrubs rated for any zone will very likely suffer irreparable harm if the winter temperature falls below the rating for that zone at any time. So minimum winter temperature is the crucial determiner for plant survival.

A simplified hardiness map which matches the ratings found on our website and posted in our garden centre is this one.

Hardiness Map
Hardiness Hints

As a general rule, a higher "hardiness" rating of a plant means that particular variety requires a warmer climate with a longer growing season.

Plants grow best when located in a suitable zone. Plants rated for zones 2 or 3 should thrive in Southern Alberta. Zone 4 rated plants should survive given a protected microclimate.

Green Haven only sells perennial plants, trees and shrubs rated for Southern Alberta climate zones.

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